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Giorgenes Gelatti

Software Developer

Hi, I'm a ruby software developer from Brazil. I've been working with open source tools for more than 10 years. For many years I worked with more low level technologies like C on Linux for server side processing, and on the most recent years I've been working with web development which is my current focus and passion.



Since my early career I've decided to work with more low level technologies. For many years I've worked with C (and also C++), mostly exclusively for Linux. After about 8 years doing this I've started working professionally with Ruby, more specifically with ruby on rails, after having taught myself on a side project. I enjoy all aspects of web development, from back end to front end.

Tools and Frameworks

Too many to list, but these days I've been working mostly with Ruby on Rails, some times I use Sinatra when it's convenient. For the UI I use mostly Less for css, JQuery, BackboneJS, and currently starting to use AngularJS. I test with RSpec and sometimes Capybara. I have a preference for using VIM in the terminal since I'm used to it.


Altough I was never a full time Sysop, I have experience buiding and deploying entire systems, from custom servers to hosts like AWS and Heroku. I've extensively used Puppet and more recently Chef for managing clusters of servers. I'm currently looking at Docker which seems like an amazing tool in the mix.


In the past I wrote a super fast multi threaded C library to insert data in batches into an Oracle database. Nowadays I've been using mostly MySQL and Redis. I'm fluent enough in SQL, but I believe queries should be simple as much as possible. I have a secret dream of working with map-reduce style databases, but that day has not come yet.

Fire Fighting

I work hard to avoid mistakes and experience has taught me to take certain measures to diminish it. But unfortunately, sometime s**t happens. I'm the kind of person who keep the cool in bad situations and can focus on the problem until it's solved. I've fought many fires in the past, and beat all of them.

Leading and Teaching

Several times I had the opportunity to assume leading roles. From local teams to remote teams. I also had the joy of doing some ruby evangelisation and give some trainning for colegues to use it in a new project. I'm always keen to share what I know when needed.